Who are we?


We are a Law Office that we are inside the Computer era, where you dear cibernauta can visit our page web that is the one that appears in the screen and to make us a Legal Consultation on its case, any problem or juridical topic of our specialties, paying in our bills of savings in dollars or in Nuevos Soles, of the Banks that appear in this page, of Trujillo's city, PERU. The consultation should go to our and - mail that  appears in this page and to notify us regarding the made deposit and we will be answering them immediately.

The Lawyers that conform our Law Office, possess a high academic level, most with studies of Graduate degree to level of Master and Doctorate, apart from their experience in the public and private activity.

The Dr. Marco A. Celi Arévalo, is the founder and the responsible for the Law Office. He graduated as Lawyer in the National University of Trujillo, in 1982. In the same University it studied Master in Law with Mention in Civil and Commercial Law, graduating as Master in Law, Mention in Civil  and Commercial Law in 1998. Finished of Doctorate in Law and Political Science of the San Marcos Major National University in the year 2000. Later on he graduated as Doctor in Law and Political Sciences, in the National University of Trujillo. With wide experience in the bank and financial system and in commercial, managerial and environmental consultantship. He has wide experience like Educational University student in pregrade and postgraduate degree ( Doctorate and Master), in Universities of Trujillo's city, and other cities of the coast, high land and jungle of the country. However it has experience in the Magistracy, to have been Alternative Judge Superior of the Superior Cortes of Justice of Loreto (Iquitos) and of the Santa (Chimbote) and at the moment it is Alternative Judge Superior of the Superior Court of Justice of La Libertad (Trujillo).

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