Legal Services


Advisory, consultancy and advocacy we provide

We provide advice, consultancy and defense to natural and juridical people. Applying the methodology of the Preventive Law, we offer advisory and consultancy, analyzing each case and assigning a Lawyer of the Law Office, according  with the case and/or specialty. In a same way, we give legal defense in the specialties of the Legal Office, with the honesty and seriousness that it characterizes us and overalls with a high professional and academic level.  

We grant additional services, such as, divorces for Internet, the service of Ciber Consult Law Magazine, Mobile Advisory that consists in that we can move to any place of the place of country, to assume advisory, consultancy and/or legal defense.  

We have Agreement with the IDAEM (Management and Environmental Law Institute), for the artificial advisory in topics of Environmental Law, analysis of EIA ( Environmental Assestement Impact), Environmental Audit, etc. Agreement with the Institute of Law Investigations (IDEIJ), we advise thesis projects, tesinas, rehearsals, monographs, etc. Agreement with the ADECUS (Consumers and Users Defense Association), we offer law  advisory in Consumer Law, before the public and private entities and organisms regulators, such as OSINERG, OSIPTEL, SUNASS, etc.

Advisory  in Specialized topics  

Also, keeping in mind the experience teaching in Universities in pregrade and  postgraduate  of some of our associates, we offer advisory specialized in consultantship of thesis projects, thesis, tesinas, monographs and rehearsals, applying the  of the Scientific Research Methodologic, on juridical topics of our specialties that are specified in this page

Professional fees

Our professional fees is in agreement with the advisory, consultancy or defense of the case, keeping in mind its complexity, that is to say, our honorarium agrees with Trujillo's market. When it is legal defenses, the honorarium can be made a pact by case or installment and if it is judicial collection, for a chart of percentages or monthly fixed payment.

The consultation through the CIBER CONSULT directed to our and-mails they will be of US$ 60.00 (Sixty y 00/100 American Dollars)  that it will be deposited in the bill of the follow bank:

It counts in currency - HSBC Bank

   HSBC BANK - N° PEHBPE 210-018701-371

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